World Money Stream service rules
1. General Provisions
1.1 This Agreement governs the procedure and conditions for the provision of services by the service.
1.2 is a software and hardware service located on the Internet at
1.3 Client – a person who wants to use the services of
1.4 and the Client are jointly referred to as the Parties.
1.5. The Parties acknowledge this Agreement in electronic form as equivalent in legal force to the Agreement concluded in writing.
1.6. This Agreement is deemed to be concluded on the terms of a public offer, accepted by the Client when submitting an application on the website to use the services provided by the service.
2. Subject of the Agreement
2.1 provides services to the Client (clause 4 of the Agreement) in accordance with the regulations (clause 5 of the Agreement) subject to mandatory conditions (clause 9 of the Agreement).
2.2 The client uses services and pays for them in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.
3. Rights and obligations of the parties